Communications are changing

Dec 20, 2018

Frank Sielaff Founder & Managing Director

Nothing less than a transformation of humankind

According to WEF founder Klaus Schwab, we find ourselves amidst the technology-shaped fourth industrial revolution. A revolution that might flush away old certainties in communications and marketing, turning the very nature of our profession upside down.

Over the past few months, I had the opportunity to meet with my two former colleagues Nicole Mommsen and Axel Löber about the changes in our very own communications discipline over a glass of Riesling. We always ended up talking about three megatrends that will be affecting us going forward. Finally, we published our thoughts on a series of LinkedIn articles. You can read them here:

Everyone is a Multiplier. On democratization and fragmentation of the communication landscape.

Hello, Mr. Robot. Tell me about the interaction between humans and algorithms.

A new deal for communications. Building trust and ensuring relevance in an era of information overflow and fake news.  

And the full introduction can be found here:

Communications are changing dramatically. And that’s a good thing.

Nicole Mommsen, Frank Sielaff and Axel Löber

A new deal for communications
A new deal for communications

Brands and individuals are constantly feeding the beast by producing and sharing overwhelming amounts of content every second.