Organizational learning for sustainable digital project success

Technological advancement always comes with an inherent need for organizations to evolve, be it changes in collaboration, workflows, or structure. The evolution of organizations where people grow and learn new ways of working together is the real advancement of technology. Tools are merely that, tools, they have no power without people.

Research phase based on data and early involvement of stakeholders in interviews.

We assess the organization, technical situation and needs as far as possible. We conduct interviews with internal stakeholders to identify requirements, get an assessment of sentiment and engage key stakeholders to win their support.

Shape strategy based on research.

We plan and organize strategy workshops in which participants from different areas of the organization use creative concepts to develop a mutual understanding of the battleground and map chances and barriers. We structure and analyze all the bits and pieces from a workshop and present viable strategic options to you as a basis for decisions.

Project team alignment and reporting to Steering Committee 

Project communication has two sides. One is alignment and communication inside the project team and towards management or a steering committee and the other site is engagement and momentum into the stakeholder group or organization.

In Project Communication, we develop a pitch deck and a communication plan. The pitch deck helps to convince internal stakeholders. The project communication plan, with a story, a message house tailored to the target groups and a time and action plan, ensures the best possible involvement of the target groups concerned.

We plan and organize project meetings and events, such as kickoffs, cross-functional status meetings, steering committees.

Engagement and momentum for stakeholders

We involve the larger group of people affected and needed for the change. We design and help to establish key user communities, communication campaigns and training concepts. Together with partners we strategize and deliver milestone events like town hall meetings or launch events.