Search Visibility Analysis

The new method for market and trend analysis

What is Search Visibility Analysis?

With our Search Visibility Analysis, we identify topics and market trends based on search behavior in Google Search. The Search Visibility Analysis is based on the search behavior of 4.3 billion Google Search users in 140 countries with over 20 billion search terms. Google Search is thus probably the largest long-term study ever conducted. Google has been collecting user input since 1998, so taking into account the annual growth this cumulates to approximately 24 trillion searches since the start. With each search input, users make a statement about a general interest and show a selection behavior by selecting a page or moving forward. 

Through the trillions of inputs, people have defined what is of interest and what content is right in relation to their search. Google has adapted its search algorithm over the last few years to reflect precisely this context. We make use of this knowledge and mine this data. 

The Search Visibility Analysis is
Google Trends on Steroids

How does Search Visibility Analysis work?

In the Search Visibility Analysis, we examine over 20 billion search terms and identify which terms are used in Google to find and click on certain websites and their competitors. 

In contrast to Google Trends, our method is a competitor analysis that reveals trends on a market and topic level. We define the topic areas from a communication perspective, for example, we use the topic areas career (search for jobs, career opportunities, employee benefits, etc), investment (search for stock performance, financial reports, etc) or products. Equally, however, we also analyze company-specific topic areas, such as Digital Health.  

By looking at search behavior in topic clusters, the most important companies in a market segment and changes over time, we look at topic and market trends from a new perspective. 

Search Visibility Analysis is a SEO competitor analysis that goes deep enough to reveal market and topic trends

How can I use Search Visibility Analysis for my business?

You want to understand how your business positions within the market? Search Visibility is just what you are looking for. To understand what our method can do for your business simply arrange a short meeting with us or contact our founder and CEO Frank Sielaff directly on LinkedIn.