User-centered platforms that solve problems and create business value

Technological advancement always comes with an inherent need for organizations to evolve, be it changes in collaboration, workflows, or structure. The evolution of organizations where people grow and learn new ways of working together is the real advancement of technology. Tools are merely that, tools, they have no power without people.


Finding out
what people
really need

Specifying technical
and communications

Selecting Technology

Platform Analytics
and SEA/SEO efficiency



UX & UI Design


and сhange

Finding out what the people in your organization really need

In focus groups and semi structured interviews, we gather information about the situation, needs and business priorities. This enables us to propose a solution that is intensely supported across stakeholder groups and sets a foundation for the project.

A platform is always a solution for and around people. This is especially true for internal communication platforms but also for web platforms. We center platform projects around the users and key stakeholders.

Specifying requirements technically and on a communication level

During requirements analysis, we usually describe the requirements for technical implementation in the form of target group-specific user stories and an information architecture (navigation, search and storage structures). We develop these based on our analysis of the currently existing customer systems, interviews with internal stakeholders and our experience with other companies’ platforms.

    –   This approach saves a lot of time on the client side.
    –   In addition, the stakeholder interviews create a high level of
        engagement for key stakeholders.

Unlike other agencies or do-it-yourself, we are able to ensure that the technical implementation is in line with the desired result due to our unique combination of technical and communication expertise.

Systematically selecting technology

We develop a technology selection based on the requirements analysis performed.

Our advantage is that we have a technology-independent overview of the market based on previous projects and can quickly provide an assessment of the functional scope, operating costs, and development effort. When focusing on Microsoft Office 365 technologies, the question also arises as to whether individual development or purchased add-ons fit better into the rollout strategy.

Platform analytics design and SEA/SEO efficiency

We design and optimize your platform analytics for web or intranet platforms to make your goals measurable and provide you a tool to improve your user journeys. We develop concepts and setups for analytics platforms from scratch for new or existing platforms or help you get out more of your existing analytics setup.

During the SEO/SEA Audit, we check to what extent your website is search engine optimized and your Google AdWords are set up efficiently.

This has the advantage that in most cases we find significant savings potentials, where more people of the relevant target group can be reached with less advertising budget. Following the audit, we help remediate the findings and enable the organization to move forward accordingly without our help.

Unlike SEO/SEA agencies, we focus on B2B and corporate, due to our experience with these organizations. Finally, we enable your organization to become independent from us with SEO/SEA.

UX & Design (with partner)

Together with our partner agency we would develop a user experience concept, interface visuals and a prototype to get as much feedback and testing as possible before building a platform.

This allows internal stakeholders to test a more tangible concept before the first implementation. Which creates higher engagement, support, and feedback for the project.

Unlike other agencies, we can take a very efficient approach to design development because visual design is not our focus. We know that aesthetics is important, but functionality comes first.

Technical Implementation (with partner)

We accompany the technical and content-related implementation with project management in which we keep an eye on the dependencies of the various specialist areas and notice the effects on quality, schedules and the budget at an early stage.

This has the advantage that the effort on the client’s side is greatly reduced especially when inevitable changes occur.

Unlike other agencies or do-it-yourself, our extensive experience with communications / IT projects in complex corporate structures allows us to better assess the impact of adjustments.

We can realize the technical implementation with a partner agency. This is usually done in an agile approach with fast realization cycles to react efficiently to changing conditions.

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