Data & Analytics for Communications and Marketing Leaders that influence decisions

Data and analytics are at the heart of fact-based decision processes. For us, they are rooted in the convictions that:

   1. Continuous improvement leads to true excellence.
   2. Without continuous measurement, organizational evolution becomes a
       matter of serendipity.
   3. Data and analytics are only as valuable as it is understood and brought into
       action by real people.

    Mining &

    Mining &

    Mining &
    text data

    Monitoring and
    Data with dashboards

    Mining and analyzing external communications data,
    especially on the Web

    In our competitive analysis with Search Visibility, we compare the online visibility of a company with its competitors.


       –  This gives you insights into your competitors content
          strategy, paid strategy and public attention patterns.

       –  We do not need data from you or special market research,
          but mine search behavior data from Google. This data
          reflects the media usage behavior of 4.3 billion people
          annually. From this, we derive specific potential for
          improvement, which includes short- and long-term
          adjustments to content and channels.

       –  It also provides you with data to back ideas and concepts and
          make it easier to find agreements in your organization.

    In our social, search and web analytics we look at data along the customer journey to put numbers into perspective around the customer. To do this, we examine the movements of your stakeholders and map them against your goals.

    –   This helps you quickly identify gaps and weaknesses in your
    journey and saves you lots of time guessing and discussing

    –   It will help you define tangible, specific and measurable

    –   Adjustments to content and channels can be related to
    these goals, thus shortening internal discussions.

    Analyzing advertising data can be interesting from a competitive perspective and form a stakeholder perspective. We analyze your competitors paid keywords and spending patterns against their web visibility. Or we go deep into your own advertising data to identify gaps and inefficiencies.

    Mining and analyzing internal communications data

    Internal stakeholder data is often overlooked or left aside as lower priority, but it has a huge potential to improve employee engagement, process efficiency and communications.

    We mine and analyze internal stakeholder data along user journeys to identify gaps and hurdles on corporate platforms. This gives you:

        –   Quantifiable and specific descriptions of gaps and weaknesses
        –   Quantifiable goals that can be agreed on the basis of the
            user journey
        –    Adjustments to content and channels related to these
            goals, thus shortening internal discussions

    Mining and analyzing text data
    (i.e., stakeholder feedback) for you

    Analyzing structured data is one thing, but direct stakeholder feedback often comes in an unstructured, written form that used to require massive resources to harness.

    Our Feedback Analysis uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms to automize the analyses of large amounts of free-text feedback generated, for example, in your employee survey or customer service portal.

    We summarize the mentioned problems in hundreds of thousands of text entries, cluster and quantify their occurrences. In this way, we uncover improvement opportunities together with you, which we can then build into a sturdy business case backed by data.

    Engagement and momentum for stakeholders

    Dashboards are only as valuable as they are used and understood in daily business. With our unique combination of data and communication expertise, we develop reports, monitors and dashboards that are arranged to be understood in a communication and marketing context.

    We tailor our dashboards to target groups instead of a one fits all, based on an early involvement of stakeholders. In addition, we can draw on experience from other projects on how best to embed a dashboard into workflows.

    To reduce IT security and data protection alignment effort and to increase focus on solutions, we use either the client’s existing dashboard technologies or our own (Google Looker / Datastudio, MS PowerBI, Tableau, Python / Plotly).

    We experience a better comparability of channels and campaigns and greater acceptance by users, because of our way to integrate and process data from a variety of sources from you (such as web analytics) as well as from third-party providers (such as media monitoring) or from us (like our Search Visibility). To achieve this, we use our self-developed algorithms that are tailored to the needs of communications and marketing departments to provide more context to the data.

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