The Future of Communications and Marketing is Digital

We are Entrusted

Your consulting boutique for digital communications and marketing

Your consulting boutique for digital communications and marketing

» We represent the missing link between management, communications, marketing and IT.

» Our focus is on large companies that have the challenge to combine existing structures and resources.

» We know how to achieve goals in corporate environments.

What we do

Data-driven communication helps to reach target groups more effectively and efficiently

Data-driven communication helps to reach target groups more effectively and efficiently

More strategic, less short-term

Minimize ineffective communication and save time through measurable impact and transparency. Plan data-driven and expand implementation.

More effective and efficient

Exploit opportunities in digital technologies and agile ways of working (such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Social Bots, SCRUM) by building expertise in technology, data and methods.

New role and stronger position

Contribute insights about the company’s strategic target groups. Strengthen position as strategic partner for businesses and functions. Generate measurable value for the company.

Only 4% of PR managers are currently exploiting the potential of digitalization.



Our products

Maximize the impact of your brand

Maximize the impact of your brand

360° Analysis

  • We benchmark your market and competitors in web/social/search
  • We identify fields of interest of your target groups and make the real user journeys transparent based on data
  • We use analytics data to motivate teams to work more closely together

Maximizer Concept

  • We maximize communication impact, by embedding data analysis into the communication concept
  • We follow the user, by designing journeys across multiple channels
  • We know how to involve affected teams and stakeholders as we are familiar with corporate environments

Accelerated Setup

  • We generate measurable results fast and know how to keep on track while changing plans
  • We work closely with your people, so they can get better and move on autonomously
  • We accelerate collaboration between IT and communications departments

How we proceed

Insights, strategy and implementation

Insights, strategy and implementation

Experience and Creativity

We leverage our Experience and Creativity in Communications and IT in DAX30 companies and through various award-winning projects, for instance, as former Head of Digital Media.

Entrusted Insights Framework

We enhance our skills through Automation and AI. The Entrusted Insights Framework is a custom-developed software, on top of market-leading SEO and social media analysis tools. We have developed it to meet your special digital communications requirements.

» Communication data extraction from search engines, social media and websites, and from various web analytics solutions and preprocessing broadens the view

» Natural Language Processing (NLP) based on an AI, particularly trained for communication contexts, allows automated text understanding and processing

» Data filtering, linking produces insights and data visualization generates trust

Entrusted Insights Framework Dashboard

About Entrusted

We are a consulting boutique specialized on changes in communication and marketing, which develop through digitalization.

We represent the missing link between management, communication, marketing and IT as we combine experience from all these areas.

Our focus is on large companies that have the challenge to smartly combine existing structures and resources or to systematically develop them further.

We know how to achieve goals in corporate environments as before Entrusted we were on the other side. We were part of the company and successfully implemented such changes multiple times.

Our motivation is the strong belief that we can make a positive difference with technology when it is human-centered.

Therefore, Entrusted has been founded.

Customers & References

Entrusted has been active on the market since 2019. Since then, many customers have placed their trust in us. Here you can see a selection of our customers and references.

Aareal Bank
Frank Sielaff

Frank Sielaff

Founder & Managing Director


Frank is an internationally recognized expert in digital communication and marketing.
→  Founder of Entrusted
→  15 years of corporate knowledge
→  Setup of the Digital Media organization at Merck
→  Award-winning projects
→  Speaker and author

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