On war rooms and agile methodologies for the corporate website relaunch

Jun 17, 2017

Frank Sielaff Founder & Managing Director

17 Juni 2017

On June 13, 2017, my project, the new global website of the Merck Group, went live. A short time later, Sonja Eckmann from Health Relations asked me if I had an exciting topic for an interview. The past 6 months, the intensive phase of the website relaunch, are still very much present to me. Accordingly, it’s all about project management, fast learning, agile methodologies and how something like this can be set up in a large corporation.

Click here for the complete interview on HeathRelations.de (in German language)

Screenshot of an error page of the new website.

COVID-19 and the postponed digitalization
COVID-19 and the postponed digitalization

COVID-19 is first and foremost a tragedy for those affected. Why does it hit some companies harder than others, even though they are similarly structured and operate in a similar market?